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Bosbury's Got Talent 2022 Winners Crowned!

We cheered, we applauded, we sat there open-mouthed, we sung, we danced, we laughed, we roared... and we are willing to bet that some moments featured very few dry eyes amongst the judging panel. Yes, after a three-year hiatus with no competition last year and 2020's contest taking place entirely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bosbury's Got Talent returned with a huge bang just before half term, and what an amazing morning it was!





Fourteen fantastic acts from all across school battled it out to win the admiration of the judging panel, who this year included some of our lovely student teachers who probably hadn't bargained on being given such a difficult task to do in deciding the three winners from a terrifically varied and entertaining array of skills and abilities, including comedic joke-telling, beautiful singing, talented instrument-playing, incredibly flexible gymnastics and hilarious comedy dance routines!






There could only be three overall winners however... or so we thought! After lengthy deliberations behind the closed door of the staff room which all the judges had swiftly filed into once the final act had performed, a brief commercial break which saw the brilliant audience perform some karaoke to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and The Village People's YMCA with comperes Miss Spence and DJ Ponter saw the panel finally announce that there were in fact FIVE winners this year, with two of them receiving special 'judges' awards' outside of the top three standings!


And so, without further ado, we proudly present the six winners of this year's competition, including a side-splittingly funny comedy double act!




The aforementioned special judges' awards went to the amazingly brave and very smiley young man from Class 1 on the far left, who showed startling courage to stand up and sing in front of the whole school, and to the very sporty (and again very smiley!) young lady from Class 2 shown to the far right of the above picture for her very impressive gymnastics routine, which even included a professional-looking video of her competing in a competition!




Third place went to the two comedy contest veterans from Class 3 shown below, who, after picking up the Audience Award during the last time the competition was held in full back in 2019 with an hilarious rendition of disco classic the Macarena, came back three years later with a side-splitting bang this year with THE funniest act in BGT history... just take a look for yourself!





Picking up the silver runners-up medal at this year's competition was this tremendously talented young lady from Class 4, giving an incredibly moving rendition of Where is Love from the musical Oliver! with practically perfect pitch and tone...


... while the overall winner, with two singers picking up the accolades this year as the judges simply had no choice but to include two extraordinary vocal performances in the top three, went to this immensely powerful performance of 2017's As the World Caves In by indie pop and rock artist Matt Maltese. Just... WOW. 


Congratulations to our first post-Covid Bosbury's Got Talent winners, and a HUGE well done to all nine of the other acts who made it to the Live Grand Final, as well as all other performers who gave it their very best effort during the class auditions earlier in the week.

It takes incredible courage and bravery to stand up in front of a group of people and perform at such a young age, and this amazing confidence, as well as the admirable resilience shown by those who didn't quite make it to the final or receive an award on the day, is going to see our star performers truly excel as they move through their school years and beyond.

Special thanks go to DJ Ponter for providing the music on the day, to Miss 'Amanda' Cooke, Miss 'Alesha' Christie, Mrs. Bolton, Mrs. Swain, Mrs. Burton and the rest of the judging panel for carrying out the extremely tough task of deciding the winners, to all children who took part be it through performing or in the audience, and to all parents and carers who may have assisted with rehearsals, preparations and and costumes at home.

Goodness me, how ARE we going to top this for Bosbury's Got Talent 2023? Get practising everyone, and see you all again next year!